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2017 RS Feva

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If you're looking for a new RS Feva without the new boat price tag this is the perect boat! 

This 2017 Feva has been used as a display boat in our show room and for a few boat shows.  It's never been in the water and it's only been rigged up for demonstration purposes.  

This Feva XL includes a Dacron Jib, Mylar Mainsail, and a light blue spinnaker.  This boat also includes the used Dynamic Dolly seen in the photos.  

HIN # GB-LDCF8691A717


During our check in process this boat received the following ratings.  See below for additional details

Hull & Deck : 4
Blades :  4
Spars : 4
Sail : 4

West Coast Sailing 4 Star System
In order to help you evaluate the boats more accurately we have devised a 4 star system for the four critical areas of the boat: Hull/Deck, Sail, Spars, and Blades.

Deck and Hull
* Mast step repaired; noticeable damage; major gelcoat/fiberglass work; very soft hull/deck.
** Softer hull and deck. Minor gelcoat or fiberglass work. Cosmetic damage.
*** Light scratches/dings in gelcoat. Solid mast step. Stiff deck and hull, good race condition.
**** Like new condition. Only minor scratches and scuffs to gelcoat.

* 5+ years. Soft and very stretched out. Only good for recreational use.
** 2-4 years old. Softer and noticeable stretched. Practice sail condition.
*** 1-2 years old. Good shape, general race condition.
**** 6 Months old. Crisp, excellent shape, top race condition.

* Major corrosion, bends, dents or loose fittings. Recreational condition only.
** Minor bends, wear or corrosion. Noticeable to race performance.
*** Small wear and tear, mostly cosmetic. Negligible to race performance.
**** Like new condition. Straight, only minor cosmetic scratches.

* Broken tips, large bends or gouges, significant past repairs.
** Smaller chips and scratches. Minor warping. Noticeable to race performance.
*** Light use, minor chips or scratches mostly cosmetic No warps or bends.
**** Like new, top race condition.

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