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This story likely sounds familiar… You head down to the boat park, stoked for a day of sailing. To your surprise, your hull is tipped back on it’s stern, cockpit full of water, spars fallen off to the ground. As you rush to fix things, you drop your gear to the ground and next thing you know those shiny blades are chipped and dinged. Vang? What Vang? I must have left that at home! Am I having fun yet?

Sound like you? We can help!

Protecting your equipment and gear is an easy way to keep things clean and organized. We carry a full range of hull and deck covers, blade bags, and spar bags for everything from Lasers to Hobie 16s.  A set of covers or a blade bag is an easy way to keep your equipment clean and protect your investment in your small sailboat and gear. Side benefit – clean gear = faster boat!

Let’s Talk Covers

Covers and Bags cover photo w textSmall sailboat covers are generally available in two styles – Hull Covers and Deck Covers. Nearly all covers are cut for specific boats for a perfect fit, include an elastic hem, and have straps to secure the cover. How well a cover performs during extended use depends on the fabric.The best covers are made from bulletproof fabrics such as Top Gun Fabric, which offers full waterproof protection and a 5-year warranty. Mid range covers are typically made from generic 600 denier polyester fabrics which also offer water and UV protection, but will wear our faster. We typically recommend top end covers (like the Gorge Series) for sailors looking for the best cover options available. Mid range covers (such as our line of Fast Canvas covers) are perfect for short term use, traveling to regattas, or keeping your boat covered during indoor storage.

Blade Bags & Spar Bags

Covers and Bags bag photo w textNow that you’ve got your hull and deck covered (no pun intended!) let’s talk about your other equipment. The two most common items are blade bags and spar bags. A blade bag is a padded bag designed to hold your daggerboard, rudder, and tiller (depending on boat) and often includes a storage pocket for rigging and accessories. A must for protecting those precious trailing edges and ensuring you don’t leave items at home! You know you’ve been there.

For the active sailor, a spar bag is a great way to keep your spars clean and protected during travel. Spar and mast bags are custom cut for specific boat types.

Awesome! What are my options?

We have a variety of covers, blade bags and spar bags available for many popular sailboats. To make it easy to find the right cover or bag, shop by boat type.


Covers for RS Sailing boats and Hobie Catamarans also available. Email

Special pricing available for fleet and program orders!


RS Sailing Catamaran Makes North American Debut

RS CAT 16 Newsletter BannerBest known for popular boats like the RS 100, Feva, and Venture, RS Sailing’s first entry into the world of catamarans is the RS CAT16. Expanding on the popular and successful rotomoulded plastic construction method, this multihull is both a joy to sail and easy to maintain. We have worked with RS Sailing for over 5 years and are excited for this addition to their small boat range. The RS CAT16 made it’s official North American debut at the Annapolis Boat Show this October, and George and Chris headed east to check it out.

First Impressions

George and Chris had a chance to get on the water and put the new catamaran through it’s paces. Job perks anyone? Here are their initial thoughts:

“We had an enjoyable first sail on the RS Cat 16.  In 8 knots of breeze, it was quick, responsive, and comfortable.  We can’t wait to try it out in more breeze and get out on the trap!” – Chris

Key Features

The RS CAT16 is built using Comptec PE3 construction, a fancy term for three layer plastic. This allows for strong but durable hulls that can withstand years of use with minimal maintenance. The boat is simple to rig and sail, keeping shore to water time to a minimum without compromising performance. Several sail plans are available, including an XL version with mainsail, jib, spinnaker, and double trapeze.

Check out this short intro video on the RS CAT16


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About Us.

West Coast Sailing sells over thirty models of small sailboats from seven manufacturers including Laser Performance, RS Sailing, Hobie Cat and more.  We are staffed exclusively by dinghy sailors, so we can provide expert guidance on boat selection and spec sailboats most appropriately for your needs. Let us help you make the most of your time on the water.

Drysuit Guide

Ask any scholastic sailor about their favorite piece of cold weather gear and the response will be something along the lines of “I LOVE MY DRYSUIT!” If you’re serious about extending your season, participating in a frostbite series, or sailing for a scholastic program, keep reading. Our Drysuit Guide is just for you!

Wetsuits vs Drysuits

The primary difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit is in the name . Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm once wet by trapping a thin layer of water next to the skin. A drysuit keeps you warm by providing 100% waterproof protection and room for layers underneath. Both are great options but have several differences. Check out the handy chart below.

Drysuit Wetsuit Comparison


What are my drysuit options?

We carry a great selection of drysuits designed for the needs of the active dinghy sailor. Each of these drysuits performs well, fits great and is extremely durable, without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at three of our most popular.

Gill Pro Drysuit


The Gill Pro Drysuit 4820 is our most popular drysuit, and for good reason. It’s a favorite among scholastic and frostbite sailors for fit, fabric, and durability. Here are a few product specs:

-Gill 5 Dot Fabric: Fully waterproof and breathable

-Durability: Reinforced seat and knees

-Fit: Internal shoulder straps, elastic waist, over the shoulder zipper

Available in Graphite – View In Our Store

Gill Women’s Pro Drysuit


Identical to the Gill Pro Drysuit 4820 but designed with the female sailor in mind. The back zip means there is no cumbersome zipper over the chest and gives a more flattering fit. Ladies – this drysuit is for you!

-Gill 5 Dot Fabric: Fully waterproof and breathable

-Durability: Reinforced seat and knees

-Fit: Internal shoulder straps, elastic waist, back zipper

Available in Graphite – View In Our Store

NeilPryde Elite Curve 3D Drysuit


The Elite Curve 3D is an innovate dinghy sailing drysuit. The key feature is the unique wrap around zipper which cuts down on bulk across the chest.

-Waterproof Protection: Fully waterproof and breathable

-3D Curve Zipper: Pre-bent zipper track wraps around waist with outer zipper cover

-Fit: Body mapping for athletic fit with comfortable wrist, ankle, and neck adjustments

Available in Black – View In Our Store

Don’t Forget To Layer!

A proper layering system has three components. The base layer helps wick moisture from the skin. The mid layer provides warmth. The outer layer, in this case the drysuit, provides water and wind protection. Match any of the drysuits above with a set of Helly Hansen base layers and Gill i3 mid layers.

Drysuit Layering Guide

Final Thoughts…

You can view our entire collection of drysuits on our webstore.

Drysuits are eligible for our Scholastic Sailing Discount (ICSA & ISSA).

Team Purchases - 20% discount on orders of 3 drysuits or more with no discount code required!


Fall Boat Promotions – New & Event Boats

Fall Deals Banner 2013

If you’re thinking about a new boat, Fall is the time to take advantage of cash discounts and special savings on many of our most popular boats. The experts at West Coast Sailing can help you find your next ride and even assist with selling your old boat. Save on shipping prices, lock in 2013 pricing and get cash discounts and store credit.  Now is your chance to save big!

New Lasers – Save $745!

  • Made in the U.K.
  • Half Price Freight
  • $500 store credit per boat
  • 20 boat container arriving soon!

Event Lasers – $5,945

  • U.K. boats with just 5 days of sailing time
  • Include Seitech Dolly.
  • Limited supply! As of Oct 1st, deposits have been taken for all Event Lasers

Event Optimist – Save $500+

  • McLaughlin event boat sailed less than 10 days.
  • Club Racer (new sail, spars, and rigging) – $2,615
  • Advanced Racer (new sail, spars, and rigging) – $3,185
  • JUST IN! Purchase between 10/1 and 12/31 and get a free dolly, bottom cover, or second sail**

Event 420s – Free Gear!

  • 2013 event boats with average of 7 days sailing time
  • Free Dolly and Blade Bag – An $800 Value!

RS Sailboats

  • Reduced shipping on our most popular boats
  • Recreation – RS Tera, RS Feva, and RS Vision
  • Performance – RS 100, RS 500, RS 800, and RS Venture
  • All boats receive a free top cover with Fall Boat purchase


Hear what other sailors have to say about their new boats on our Happy Customers Page.


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About Us.

West Coast Sailing sells over thirty models of small sailboats from seven manufacturers including Laser Performance, RS Sailing, Hobie Cat and more.  We are staffed exclusively by dinghy sailors, so we can provide expert guidance on boat selection and spec sailboats most appropriately for your needs. Let us help you make the most of your time on the water.

Product Review: Helly Hansen Base Layers


Do you wear base layers when you go sailing? If not, you’re missing out on a critical part of achieving comfort and performance during long days on the water. Let’s take a look at how base layers work and review our new favorites, the Helly Hansen DRY Base Layer collection.

What are base layers and why are they so important? A base layer is a garment worn next to the skin for the purpose of moving moisture away from the body. In short, base layers keep you dry. During periods of high activity (think a breezy upwind leg!), your body sweats to keep you cool. When you stop, this sweat will continue to cool you down unless it moves away from your skin. Base layers are made from fabrics which pull moisture from one side (your skin) to the other (the air or a mid/outer layer).

48015_990_main_zoomOkay, I’m convinced. What are my options? We highly recommend checking out the Helly Hansen DRY Base Layer collection. Helly Hansen base layers are trusted by pros and enthusiasts world-wide and are made using Helly Hansen’s Lifa® Stay Dry Technology. Lifa® fibers move moisture away from your skin, allowing the moisture to evaporate into the air or onto the next layer. Lifa® is also 40% lighter and 60% warmer than polyester. These tops and bottoms feature flat lock stitching and low bulk cuffs for ultimate comfort. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizing for a great fit.

Do we love these? Absolutely! DRY base layers are quickly becoming a staff favorite. We use them for everything from sailing to hiking and cycling. Priced at $40 per top or bottom, these base layers are a great value and an easy way to make sure you’re dressed appropriately for an active day on the water. We recommend wearing a set of these base layers under your spray gear or outer layer and with a warm mid layer on colder days. Use them off the water for any number high aerobic activities.

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Check out this Helly Hansen base layer tech video: